Wednesday 30 January 2008

T2 Featuring Addictive - Gonna Be Mine

This is the official video for T2's latest track 'Gonna Be Mine' which features vocal duo Addictive. The video is very much along the same lines as Heartbroken with the road scenes etc , but with a bit more bling bling shots as in white background , big sunglasses and catch my drift. It looks proffesional i will say that and for the second video from T2 its a good look for him as the standard hasnt gone down, it has some cameos from the scenes main players such as Jamie Duggan, Dj Q, Shaun Banger Scott and others, i helped getting some of them extra's for this video you know...look at me, i no lol. The track itself has been around in the bassline club scene for a while and will be realesed February 18th. I remember seeing Addictive perform with T2 at Dirty Canvas last year and despite some people slewing their live performance i thought they did alot compared to some bassline singers...lets not name names.