Saturday 19 January 2008

H 'Two' 0 Featuring Platnum - 'What's It Gonna Be'?

This tune has been bubbling in the Bassline scene for a hot minute now, having being played constantly on 11 year old school children's phones everywhere you walk, to finally now having a video made for it. Its the second video to be made from the Bassline scene to date after Heartbroken, it does look proffesional it even has a cameo appearance from Bassline Don' Dj Jamie Duggen for like 2 seconds at the beggining. I like this video but personally i wouldnt of gone for the whole Britney Spears teenage School thing but that's just me. The track has been signed to Ministry Of Sound and will be available on Download from 11th February and out in the shops from 12th February.

Top 10 maybe?