Friday, 25 April 2014

MTV IGGY: Selector: Toddla T’s Back On Acid (House) Again

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Dance music has always been open to experimentation. From grime MCs riding electro riddims to Swedish trance producers applying (shockingly catchy) country elements to their "EDM," we’ve all been kinda spoilt for choice. Now, whether it always comes together for the good of our ears, that’s a whole other story. One dance music manipulator whose club-ready, "digital dancehall" cuts have consistently banged since his start three years short of a decade ago, is DJ and producer Thomas Bell, 29, who performs under the buoyant moniker of Toddla T. A representative of Sheffield, England, his unrelenting penchant for intermixing bashment, R&B, and rap vocals with electro, house, and garage backdrops has prepared plenty of room for him in the upper echelon of underground dance. And with countless major artist remixes and three long-plays to his name, despite the quirky alias, it has to be said: this Toddla is far from a minor.

Ironically, Bell became a proud father to his own toddler recently ("I got up about 5.30 to play with my little’un this morning. I’m at my mum’s in Sheffield at the minute; she grabbed him and I went back to bed until 10 a.m. … Zonked out!"). However, by no means has early a.m. feeds been the cause of a slipping work life: he remains at the top of his game at BBC Radio 1, continues to pluck sonic gems for his Girls Music imprint, and still finds time to tour as Toddla T Sound—the London-based super-group which includes members Shola Ama, Serocee, and DRS. But, if that wasn’t enough, the Yorkshire lad’s also set to release a new EP on Defected Records come April 28.

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